Killian Oaks Academy serves children from 3 years of age through the high school years who demonstrate average or above intellectual ability, who do not possess special health problems, who are not professionally identified as challenged with severe emotional or behavioral concerns, but for whom individualization is an essential factor.

Admission is determined by testing, recommendations, past academic and socialization records and personal interviews. Unlike other schools whose policies are likely to exclude, the school intends to accept all those students with unique learning styles who can profit from the program. A complete psycho-educational evaluation from an outside source, together with the recommendation of a medical, psychological or educational professional, is required.

Parents are required to submit a psycho-educational testing report with the application for admission. Reports of prior educational experiences, together with the on-site academic testing that is required of each student, determine the basis of the program that is formulated for each student and the placement and initial academic goals for the child.

Additional evaluations of the candidate’s skills and potentialities are conducted as part of the admissions and placement process. Typically, a student may be asked to spend a day or two at the school during the evaluation procedure.

Testing continues throughout the year to determine student progress and to serve as the basis for the continual modification of a student’s program. Testing for mastery consists of pre-testing and post-testing of discrete units or programs that have been assigned to the child. In this way unnecessary remediation is avoided for those skills already mastered. The post-test measures the degree of success that the student has exhibited for specific material, and a new program is developed based on these results. This system provides for efficiency and not only assures mastery, but retention, as well.

Students are admitted to all programs and activities without regard to race, creed or national origin. Please call our Admissions Office at (305) 274-2221 to schedule an appointment and school tour.