Our Mission

Killian Oaks Academy is designed to educate students across a broad range of learning experiences within the context of an atmosphere of acceptance and support. The Academy’s educational programs advance student development in the areas of academic achievement, fine arts, physical fitness, emotional and social skills training, and family values.

Killian Oaks Academy seeks out and honors students who possess unique learning styles and differences. The Academy is designed to serve students who may not have experienced success in a conventional educational setting. As such, barriers to learning are removed through the implementation of a multi-method and multi-modal Mastery Learning program. The program ensures that individual instruction is central to each student’s program, and that program is consistently updated and revised to reflect progress and achievement.

As family interaction and values are an integral component of the Killian Oaks Academy mission, The Academy supports and educates students and their families. In doing so, the creation of a fortified bond of relating and communicating between The Academy and each family system supports and advances efforts to comprehensively prepare the student for future community and social interaction. Family involvement facilitates the development of a comprehensive team approach that provides valuable insight and wisdom to the overall educational program of each student. The Academy attempts to change the disposition of students from “failure avoidance” to one of “success striving”, thus inspiring students a change in both attitude and lifestyle.

Killian Oaks Academy strives to:

  • Provide an atmosphere of support and acceptance.
  • Help students develop a positive self-image.
  • Provide students with the learning and organizational skills to achieve success.
  • Foster leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Develop strong morals and values.
  • Build solid, productive, and contributing citizens.