Our Philosophy

Meeting the needs of our students impels us to address a variety of learning styles and individual differences. We accomplish this objective by carefully analyzing the academic, social, and artistic potentialities of each student through interviews, initial testing, and continuous observation and evaluation after enrollment. The comprehensive growth of every child demands enriching experiences in every area of development-intellectual, personal, emotional, cognitive and physical. We balance their successes in the classroom with different types of experiences in art, music, drama and physical education, areas that open up a wide array of further knowledge and growth. Seeing the world through the eyes of a musician, artist or athlete often has the effect of creating a new vision for the child.

At Killian Oaks Academy, we are dedicated to:

  • Providing students with the learning and organizational skills to achieve success.
  • Creating an atmosphere of support and acceptance.
  • Developing confidence and a strong self-image in every child.
  • Challenging children to achieve their true-potential
  • Fostering leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Developing strong personal values and knowledge of right and wrong.
  • Building exemplary citizens.