Killian Oaks Academy is an accredited PreK-12 private school in Miami, Florida that has been transforming the lives of children since 1968. Our commitment to innovation and the best practices in education, supported by data-driven research, are what sets us apart.

We provide a customized curriculum that is tailored to the learning style of the student. We work with each student to build an enduring foundation for academic, moral, and social success. Killian Oaks Academy believes that all students can learn and succeed if they are provided with the opportunity to grow in an environment of expertise and knowledgeable support. 

Our Program Offers:

  • Low teacher to student ratio.
  • Customized curriculum tailored to the student.
  • Remedial, accelerated, and honors programs.
  • Focus on creative expression and growth.
  • Credit recovery programs.

We are Dedicated to:

  • Maximizing student potential.
  • Providing students with the learning and organizational skills to achieve success.
  • Creating an atmosphere of support and acceptance.
  • Developing confidence and a strong self-image in every student.
  • Challenging students to achieve their true academic potential.
  • Fostering leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Developing strong personal values.
  • Building exemplary citizens.